Custom has the fastest response time in the industry. Production time on standard orders is 10-14 working days from proof approval. Large and complex orders with add-on services such as bar coding, mag striping, hot stamping, thermal printing, and corner cuts, may take additional time to complete.

All standard ink colors are available. If you require a match of your color, but are unable to provide us with a PMS number, we will choose the closest shade available from our standard colors. We are unable to guarantee exact matches. Be aware that ink shades may vary when printed on colored plastic. Shades of plastic cards may vary from shipment to shipment. Therefore we cannot guarantee exact plastic shade match from order to order, or even from sample to order.

We will do our best to ship the exact quantity ordered. Prices are based on a possible over- or under-shipment of 10%. You will be invoiced only for the exact count shipped.

Our shipments are made via UPS, FEDEX, F.O.B. Birmingham, Alabama. International shipments are F.O.B. plant, Birmingham, Alabama, FL. Next day and second day services are available for rush orders. All orders will be shipped to the destination specified on the invoice. Shipments become the property of the customer upon acceptance by the carrier. For completed orders that are particularly large, or that have been designated as rush, partial shipments may be requested. In these cases, the balance of the order will be shipped regular service.

Parcels are shrink-wrapped and/or boxed according to the quantity and size of the product. One drop-ship location is included; for each additional location, an additional fee may apply.

PVC Plastic Cards (30mil)

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Most plastic cards are printed as CR-80 size and .030" thickness. This is considered a standard credit card and measures 3-3/8" x 2-1/8". CR-50 cards are typically the size of a standard luggage tag and measures 3-1/2" x 1-23/32". There are many other sizes and thicknesses available, most of which are featured on this web site. We can custom produce any size or shape desired. Some custom work may require a special die cut which we can accomodate.

The standard card is .030" (30 mil) thick. These cards are durable and can be embossed and encode. Thin cards are .010"/.012" (10 mil and 12 mil) in thickness, are flexible and fit into a typewriter or computer printer: Both styles of cards can be easily affixed by us to carriers. If a cost-savings program is desired, or if you plan to personalize the cards yourself, thin cards will fit your needs and budget. Other thicknesses that are available in certain colors are .020" and .024". Please inquire for availability.

Most are available in .030" and .010"/.012" thicknesses. Please inquire on availability of other thicknesses. Most colors are available in stress finish. When stress cards are embossed, the raised characters will appear white, thus eliminating the necessity for colored tipping.

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CR80 - Standard Credit Card Size 30 mil.

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Returns are subject to approval and must be within 30 days of original receipt. Customer must notify the company and obtain authorization number before returning any order..