A.) Business Shredding

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$1.25 Per  Lbs

What’s more important than price?

These are some of the issues you should take into consideration when evaluating the right budgetary and security fit.
Here’s a checklist you should keep in mind when choosing a reliable shredding provider:

    •    Security – Is the shredding process done on site at your doorstep and behind a locked security screen? Can you see the process if you want?
    •    Expertise – Have the personnel undergone rigorous training and background checks? Are they knowledgeable about privacy laws? Do they offer a risk assessment?
    •    Reputation – Does the service provider have a long history with no security breaches and can the company provide references?
    •    Tailored Solution – Make sure that the service you receive meets your specific business needs.
There are various pricing options available depending on how often you need a shredding service and what information you need to safely destroy:

Document Shredding

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Business Shredding
    •    Business Shredding Options
    •    An Office Move is the Perfect Time to Shred
    •    10 Reasons for Document Shredding
    •    Going Green at the Office
    •    Office Shredding Day
    •    Six Simple Steps to Protect Your Employees Identities
    •    Shredding your PR Nightmare
    •    Business Record Retention Guidelines
FACTA Shredding
    •    Red Flag Rule Compliance Basics
    •    FACTA Compliance Quiz
    •    FTC Sharpens FACTA’s Teeth
    •    FACTA – You’re Never too Small to Shred
HIPAA Shredding
    •    Shred Medical Records
    •    HIPAA Changes in the Stimulus Package
    •    Is There a Doctor in the (Big) House?
Shredding Basics
    •    History of Shredding Paper
    •    Choosing a Paper Shredding Service
    •    How To Shred Paper
    •    Mobile or Offsite Shredding
    •    Looking for a Shredding Service?
    •    10 Myths about Document Shredding
    •    How Should I Shred?
    •    How to Choose a Shredding Service
    •    The Rise of Electronics Recycling

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